PBR (unofficial video)


An unofficial video for my new song “PBR”
It is sort of about beer and the world ending. Every time i think to myself, I should take life more seriously, I remember that I am only going to be on this Earth for so many days. Then I drink a warm Pabst Blue Ribbon, slap the shit of myself, & spend every last penny I have, just to stay focused & grounded. Life is just so damn fun in the fast lane.

This year i’m going to drop an eclectic bunch of music(Country, Gospel, Punk, trap, reggae, ect) leading up to my 4th Debut Album entitled “Sophisticated Veneers” (Think Beastie Boys meets Maryln Manson meets Barenaked Ladies meets Garth Brooks)
Trust me it’s going to be epic. It’s been quite the journey to get this far.

I produced & recorded this record. Mixed & Mastered by Robert Joseph McGlinchey. Made the video using magic


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