This is my new site

Hello world. My name is Danny Newport.  I make music.  I haven’t blogged in years but i am looking forward to doing it once again. A few people mentioned to me how much they missed my comedic positive approach to life I used to share frequently; truth be told, I miss it too. 2013 was one my most trying,exciting, explosive, disappointing, and rewarding years to date.  This year I plan to capitalize on the lessons I’ve learned and once again allow my passion to carry me towards my dream.

This year I plan to accomplish;  1.) Record & Release Country EP   2.) Record & Release Full Length Album  3.) Release various videos 4.) Showcase my talents as much as I can to whomever will listen.

Feel free to like me on Facebook & follow on Twitter

I will be revisiting past material but you can watch, like, comment & share all my videos on Youtube

As always thanks to all those who’ve been a part of the journey.



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