This is a DIY song & video I Made celebrating my punk rock values. Life too short for that basic shit. I have everything I want/need.
featuring real wildlife.

Produced and recorded by Danny Newport @ showponyrecords
Mixed & Mastered by Robert “Bobby” McGlinchey
Video shot by LaLa R.
Free stream/DL @

I’m so proud. This is my baby.

Ingredients : A lil bit of this, A lil bit of that, mad beats, fire raps. All beats produced by Danny Newport @ ShowPonyRecords. Tracks 3,4,9,10 co-produced by Kapano “#imakehitz” West. Tracks 3 & 10 mixed by Joseph “Big Joe” Warlick @ Frequency Monster Studios in LA. All other tracks Mixed by Bobby McGlinchey @ Mill Street Studios in Clifton Heights,PA. Album mastering & arrangement by Bobby McGlinchey @ Mill Street. Special thanks to friends, family & fans that support. p.s. Never slap yo Mama

New music. It’s like a prequel to the present.

I wrote this immediately after passing 3 Bentleys on the way home. At first I was like “it’s just not fair.” Suddenly followed by “if they can do it. I can do it.” Its like that old saying, “whether you think you can or think you cant, you’re right!”Cheers to free enterprise. Let’s get it. Beat produced by me & Kapano West at 5th Quarter Production. Mixed by Sam Morgan. Mixtape dropping December! Burrrrr