December Debauchery

This episode features scenes & clips from the final week of 2016. Shouts out to everyone. Cant wait see what the future holds.


This song has it all; Harp, falsetto singing, rap, beatbox, guitar, & bass all on a trippy pop emo vibe.
I’m on a whole new wave. Its like Led Zeppelin meets Kanye. It illustrates the struggle between dreamers & their relationships with other humans sometimes.
It features world renowned Harpist & Beat boxer Phillip King. We wrote, performed & recorded it in sunny Los Angeles at Frequency Monster’s studio. Then it went to Bobby’s garage where Bobby McGlinchey added bass, guitars, and mixed & mastered the record. Video shot & Directed by Wayne Campbell in Philadelphia. I am blessed to be a part of something so unique & special. Please like & share. Stay tuned for more music dropping soon.
2016 Show Pony Records


An unofficial video for my new song “PBR”
It is sort of about beer and the world ending. Every time i think to myself, I should take life more seriously, I remember that I am only going to be on this Earth for so many days. Then I drink a warm Pabst Blue Ribbon, slap the shit of myself, & spend every last penny I have, just to stay focused & grounded. Life is just so damn fun in the fast lane.

This year i’m going to drop an eclectic bunch of music(Country, Gospel, Punk, trap, reggae, ect) leading up to my 4th Debut Album entitled “Sophisticated Veneers” (Think Beastie Boys meets Maryln Manson meets Barenaked Ladies meets Garth Brooks)
Trust me it’s going to be epic. It’s been quite the journey to get this far.

I produced & recorded this record. Mixed & Mastered by Robert Joseph McGlinchey. Made the video using magic

This is a DIY song & video I Made celebrating my punk rock values. Life too short for that basic shit. I have everything I want/need.
featuring real wildlife.

Produced and recorded by Danny Newport @ showponyrecords
Mixed & Mastered by Robert “Bobby” McGlinchey
Video shot by LaLa R.
Free stream/DL @

I’m so proud. This is my baby.

Ingredients : A lil bit of this, A lil bit of that, mad beats, fire raps. All beats produced by Danny Newport @ ShowPonyRecords. Tracks 3,4,9,10 co-produced by Kapano “#imakehitz” West. Tracks 3 & 10 mixed by Joseph “Big Joe” Warlick @ Frequency Monster Studios in LA. All other tracks Mixed by Bobby McGlinchey @ Mill Street Studios in Clifton Heights,PA. Album mastering & arrangement by Bobby McGlinchey @ Mill Street. Special thanks to friends, family & fans that support. p.s. Never slap yo Mama

New music. It’s like a prequel to the present.

I wrote this immediately after passing 3 Bentleys on the way home. At first I was like “it’s just not fair.” Suddenly followed by “if they can do it. I can do it.” Its like that old saying, “whether you think you can or think you cant, you’re right!”Cheers to free enterprise. Let’s get it. Beat produced by me & Kapano West at 5th Quarter Production. Mixed by Sam Morgan. Mixtape dropping December! Burrrrr

This is track #1 of 50 I plan to release leading up to my Ep. Some rap, some rock, a little bit country, & all Newport. When I made this beat, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I heard Hootie & the Blowfish’s “Hold My Hand” over the melody so I went with it.


I’m putting my best foot forward in 2015. I will begin to drop various records that did not make the cut for my upcoming Ep “So 5 Years Ago” (spring/summer ’15).  I am also going to become more active on the internets. This go around will be authentic as possible. That having been said I am excited & thrilled to be back in the entertainment business. Cheers

Here’s a video sent from a spectator at the Grape Room in Philly. There’s many versions of this song. People have their favorites; I don’t. I think they’re all dope. This one i get a lil help from my friends. And to all the people who say, “Isn’t dope herion?.” No, clearly I’m talking about smoking herb.  I would never promote drug use. That’s reckless. Here’s a link to the lyrics.

Remember when David Hasselhoff got all drunk & his daughter filmed him eating a burger. Well I’m always trying to get Hasselhoff turnt. Why not? Remember it’s okay to have fun.No burgers were harmed in this video, just the cows they murdered to get the meat.  Say no to drugs most the time.

Shot, directed, and edited by Abner Diaz of Cutrush Creative Labs.

Song is off “The Booster Club” produced by 5th Quarter Productions 

Most certainly not, “but I’m not a square, everyone enjoys getting high.” Just be careful. Life is most precious. Follow the story of Molly and Bob, two people looking for an escape in this world. This song is meant to be a reminder that you get out of it, what you put into it. This video contains sex, drugs, and rock & roll.

This is my 1st music video. It’s cooler 2 me today the it was when i did it. The video description i had on youtube read “Life is a Beach is more about doing what your gonna do regardless of the pressures around you. Like the party is good, but dont get caught up in it. Stay on task. Like the attitude of I dont give a fuck only works in certain situations in the real world. Someone will check you eventually ( the police in this case).”
I still feel it. I have to check & challenge myself constantly. Ha I guess this is growing up !?

I’m a songwriter first & foremost. I study the craft & people always stressed the importance & opportunity of a holiday record. I wrote from the viewpoint of somebody who has much sympathy for Santa & his never ending responsibilities.  Also, in January I was awarded the directors award from the Nashville International songwriting & lyrics competition. Here’s the trophy: 1392087422438

Hello world. My name is Danny Newport.  I make music.  I haven’t blogged in years but i am looking forward to doing it once again. A few people mentioned to me how much they missed my comedic positive approach to life I used to share frequently; truth be told, I miss it too. 2013 was one my most trying,exciting, explosive, disappointing, and rewarding years to date.  This year I plan to capitalize on the lessons I’ve learned and once again allow my passion to carry me towards my dream.

This year I plan to accomplish;  1.) Record & Release Country EP   2.) Record & Release Full Length Album  3.) Release various videos 4.) Showcase my talents as much as I can to whomever will listen.

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I will be revisiting past material but you can watch, like, comment & share all my videos on Youtube

As always thanks to all those who’ve been a part of the journey.